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I did this tutorial, and configured the Hibernate API and the mapping:

(i'm using the JavaDB API with the 'sample' DB not MySQL)

But i have a problem: the generated hbm.xml files dont contain any foreign key mapping. (there are no one-to-many or many-to-one properties)

here is a sample class and mapping file. the RoleID should be a foreign key to the ROLE table ID field.

im trying to edit the hibernate.reveng.xml file to force creating FK's - something like this:

<table name="USERS">
    <foreign-key constraint-name="ROLE_USER_FK" foreign-table="ROLE">
        <column-ref local-column="roleid" foreign-column="id" /> 
        <many-to-one property="roleid" />

but it doesnt work.

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solved: hibernate.cfg.xml needed the hibernate.default_catalog and hibernate.default_schema property

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