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I am writing my own program, which will be running on a 802.11 AP, to capture all the outgoing beacons on the AP. But I just noticed I cannot do it with the current libpcap: the program couldn't capture any outbound beacons. I've also tried Wireshark which gave the same result.

My questions are:

  1. Can anyone shed some lights on the causes of what I saw?

  2. Is there any user space method that I can capture the outbound beacons of a 802.11 AP on that specific AP (rather than capturing on other PCs)? It is better for me if I can do this without hacking into the wireless driver.

I am using Ubuntu 10.04 as the OS, Madwifi as the wireless driver.

Thanks, folks.

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I would guess that the WiFi chip is generating the beacons autonomously so they never pass the driver-chip interface where libpcap intercepts packets. You'll probably need a second radio to be able to capture the beacons from the air (when the primary radio is busy sending a beacon the receiver is turned off so it can't hear what it is transmitting).

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You can Capture those packets(Beacon ,Acknowledgement,etc) in wireshark
all you need to do is following :

  1. go to capture menu
  2. after selecting your interface go to option
  3. select the per packet information option in link layer type of your interface

press start

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