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I have a plenty of tests for my .NET 2.0 project (I use NUnit for them).

Recently, I ported the project to Silverlight 3 and plan to build WP7 version from the same code base, too. Of course, I am interested in running the same tests against Silverlight / WP7 versions.

I setup nunit-silverlight for the task but soon discovered that following constructs are not supported:

public void TestTheArg(string arg)

because there is no support for TestCaseSource attribute in nunit-silverlight.

Should I migrate to other testing framework or is there any possibility to make nunit-silverlight run the same tests?

If I should migrate then please recommend a testing framework that can be used to run the same tests against .NET 2.0 / Silverlight / WP7 frameworks.

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Have you trid standart TestCase attribute? –  sll Oct 31 '11 at 20:38
yes, but it's inconvenient in my case. btw, TestCaseSource is standard too. –  Bobrovsky Nov 1 '11 at 3:23
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Without knowing precisely what TestCaseSource does, I would say, it's probably not available due to the limited reflection API for Windows Phone.

The Silverlight Toolkit contains a version of MS Test that can be used on Windows Phone. So you could migrate your tests there, and they should be compatible with Silverlight / .NET 2.0.

But I personally haven't tried testing the Silverlight Toolkit implementation against other platforms.

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