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OK I am connected to a server via SSH, I run the command:

hg merge

I am now taken to a screen that is split into 3 sections. On the bottom they are labeled as:

  1. file

  2. file~other.Dcyqtz

  3. file~base.N64J4dp

Obviously it wants me to resolve conflicts. It looks like the first one is my local changes, other is the changes I just pulled and am trying to merge with. And base is what the file looked like before splitting.

So for every part where there is a conflict I supposed I am to pick which of the 3 to keep.

How do I do this?

I am in a command shell so I can not click on anything. I can only move my cursor up and down in the first of the 3, I do not know how to get my cursor to the other 2 sections.

I do no know know how to specify, use mine here, use other there, and use base over there.

Also I do not know how to say, I give up and exit.

So currently I am stuck.

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Maybe what you need is a merge tool


Of course you may want to use SSH with X11 forwarding

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As Cesar mentioned, you need a merge tool. If you are familiar with vim, I suggest vimDiff.

Also, don't worry, you didn't lose any data or did anything wrong. Just setup some merge tool, use hg update -C to start from clean slate. Proceed with hg merge.

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Thanks, it looks like it opened in vimDiff. I am actually not familiar with vim (I always use nano) so I am trying to struggle through the tutorial you listed. I have 3 buffers open, local, other, and base. Do you know how to close the base buffer. The Tutorial says to do so but it doesn't say how. Thanks. –  JD Isaacks Oct 31 '11 at 21:08
If you are not familiar with vimDiff, I suggest Ceaser solution to use X11 forwarding, and graphic interface, e.g. Meld. For quiting vim, press Escape, afterwards type :exit –  bbaja42 Oct 31 '11 at 21:14
Yeah, vi or vim is like the worst default editor to open with, it’s completely incomprehensible for anyone except heavy unix users. –  Laurens Holst Nov 1 '11 at 10:13

I am stumbling over exact same situation, usung KUbuntu 11.04. (And me once was used emacs, not vim. So looking at those 3split console was surprising for me, too.)

Now I did hg rollback and installed me merger gui tool KDiff3 . Then looking into "howto get this gui merger tool activated within the hg merge?"

hg help merge

Tells me what to do...

which kdiff3


So I added to ~/.profile

export HGMERGE="/usr/bin/kdiff3"

Then all was done. In a new shell hg merge popped me up with the gui merger tool KDiff3, see handbook-pdf http://kdiff3.sourceforge.net/doc/kdiff3_de.pdf

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