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OK, I can get the number of the last row created, as I do below. Now, I want to append it to the URL? query string so I can use this particular record on the next page. Here's the way I'm trying to do it, where the field iduserid is my primary key. If I just insert it into a text field on the page it displays the correct number. ( note: LastRec is a record set that contains the iduserid field of the current row)

But it doesn't return anything in the query string. What's wrong?

$result = mysql_query('SELECT iduserid FROM userinfo ORDER BY iduserid DESC LIMIT 1');
if (!$result) {
    die('Invalid query: ' . mysql_error());
$USER_ID = mysql_fetch_field($result,0);

<a href="cp-AccountInfo.php?<?php echo $_SERVER['QUERY_STRING']?>"iduserid="<?php echo $USER_ID ?>""><div class="OKbtn"></div></a>
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Did you mean...

 <a href="cp-AccountInfo.php?<?php echo $_SERVER['QUERY_STRING']?>&iduserid=<?php echo $USER_ID ?>"><div class="OKbtn"></div></a>

In other words, remove the quotes from your Url string and append the iduserid parameter with an ampersand (&) prefix.

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This looks like the solution, but for some reason, it makes the OK button disappear, so I can't test it. Thanks, and I'll let you know as soon as I figure that out. – I_miss_Steve_already Oct 31 '11 at 21:22
OK. Got my button back. This still doesn't do it. The result is empty. – I_miss_Steve_already Oct 31 '11 at 22:02
Aha! Got it, thanks to your pointers...I just need to echo a server behavior that's already written, ask for the row I'm working on. Looks like this: <div class="OKbtn"><a href="cp-AccountInfo.php?<?php echo $_SERVER['QUERY_STRING']?><?php echo $row_LastRec['iduserid']; ?>"></a></div> – I_miss_Steve_already Oct 31 '11 at 22:24

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