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Ok, say I have a subreport that populates a chart I have from data in a table. I have a summary sum field that adds up the total of each row displayed. I am about to add two new rows that need to be displayed but not totaled up in the sum. There is a field in the table that has a number from 1-7 in it. If I added these new fields into the database, I would assign a negative number to this like -1 and -2 to differentiate it between the other records. How can I set up a formula so that it will sum up all of the amount fields except for the records that have an 'order' number we will call it of either -1 or -2? Thanks!

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Use a Running Total Field and set the evaluate formula to something like {new_field} >= 0. So it will only sum the value when it passes that test.

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Ok, I have one other question which I figured I might as well ask here instead of doing a new thread...Is there any way to set up a formula to display a value depending on the value in another field? Say if new_field = -1 then display info in new_field2 of that data row? How would a formula for that work? I've tried it now with doing a formula for if{table.order} = 3 then {table.value} but it is just showing 0.0 each time while the value is showing up normally with the other records above. –  Nard Dog Oct 31 '11 at 21:35
yea, just create a formula field like you described and add it to the report. You'd need to supply a default value for the else part. –  dotjoe Oct 31 '11 at 23:34

The way to accomplish this without a running total is with a formula like this:

if {OrderNum} >= 0 Then {Amount}
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