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I developed a plugin to replace some functionality in Gedit. This functionality is presented through one menu item.

How could I remove the current menu item to add a identical new one, except that this new menu item will be bound to my callback?

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I didn't try it on existing applications, but in general it boils down to the following steps.

  1. Get the UIManager: GObject.property(type=Gedit.Window).get_ui_manager().
  2. Acquire the current UI definition using UIManager.get_ui. Use this to determine which item to remove.
  3. Retrieve the item using Builder.get_object using the name found in the UI definition.
  4. I'm not sure for menu's, but on the retrieved item you can now probably simply call destroy. Alternatively, you might get the main menu item and remove the child you want with the get_children method (i.e. for i in menu.get_children(): menu.remove(i), where i is the child you want to get rid of: you'll probably have to inspect it to know which one to remove.
  5. Finally, explicitly refresh the UI with UIManager.ensure_update.

As said, I didn't try it, nor do I have a Linux installation nearby to verify this on, but I hope this gives you enough pointers to reach a solution.

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