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Considering a site that exposes a dynamic range of hostnames... Is there a way to use the hostname as a dimension in reports?

There are docs related to hostname, but not doing what I want. I've seen things on filtering by hostsname in a profile, or having a profile filter that adds the hostname to the path GA uses. I would rather use the hostname as a secondary dimension in reports.

One option I have is to add the hostname as a custom variable. This seems wasteful though, as each request is only allowed 5 custom variables and the hostname is already transfered as part of the google analytics beacon. I see the hostname included in the request to __utm.gif as querystring parameter utmhn.

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Any report's secondary dimension selectors will allow you to set hostname as a secondary dimension. enter image description here enter image description here You can even access it as a primary dimension by navigating to Visitors->Network Properties->Hostnames (or, in the new GA, Visitors->Technology->Network->Hostname).

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Thanks, not sure how I missed that one. –  Frank Schwieterman Nov 1 '11 at 21:05

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