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This is my first try on OpenMP, but cannot get speedup on it. The machine is Linux amd_64. I coded the following code:

printf ("nt = %d\n", nt);

int i, j, s;
#pragma omp parallel for private(j,s)
for (i=0; i<10000; i++)
   for (j=0; j<100000; j++)

And the compile with
g++ tempomp.cpp -o tomp -lgomp

And run it with different nthreads, no speedup:

nt = 1
elapsed time =2.670000

nt = 2
elapsed time =2.670000

nt = 12
elapsed time =2.670000

Any ideas?

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I think you need to add the flag -fopenmp to your compiler:

 g++ tempomp.cpp -o tomp -lgomp -fopenmp

When -fopenmp is used, the compiler will generate parallel code based on the OpenMP directives encountered. -lgomp loads libraries of the Gnu OpenMP Project.

How many cores do your machine have?

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Hi Thanks, that solves the problem! I have 12 cores. – Zhunping Zhang Nov 8 '11 at 22:30

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