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I want to dynamically append data received via an url in JSOn format to my listview. But i can't figure out how it works.

The mobile website retrieve the object in the following format:

    {"id":1, "start":"2011-10-29T13:15:00.000+10:00", "end":"2011-10-29T14:15:00.000+10:00", "title":"Meeting"}

In the .html i have one listview and a function, where i try to append the received data. I show only the body.

            <ul id="listview">
                    $.each(data, function(i,data){

Probably it's very easy, but i'm new to web programming and i can't figure out how that i should append the retrieved data.

Can anyone please help me out ?

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//make AJAX call to url
$.getJSON("url", function(data){

    //declare a variable with which to build our output (it's best to buffer output and only do one append at the end since DOM manipulation is CPU expensive)
    var output = '';

    //iterate through the data (we could also get rid of the jQuery here by using `for (key in data) {
    $.each(data, function(index, value){

        //add each value to the output buffer (we also have access to the other properties of this object: id, start, and end)
        output += '<li>' + value.title + '</li>';

    //now append the buffered output to the listview and either refresh the listview or create it (meaning have jQuery Mobile style the list)
    $('#listview').append(output).listview('refresh');//or if the listview has yet to be initialized, use `.trigger('create');` instead of `.listview('refresh');`

Here is a jsfiddle of the above solution (there is also an example of using for(){} instead of $.each()): http://jsfiddle.net/VqULm/

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Thanks, it worked for me. – João Nunes Nov 1 '11 at 12:43
The .listview('refresh') is what I needed, thanks – mintedsky Dec 28 '15 at 14:05

I think the issue you might be encountering is that the JSON being returned is an object wrapped in an array. To parse you will have to iterate through the array first:

for( var x = 0; x < data.length; x++ ) {
 var i = data[ x ];
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I believe that was an issue, but Unfortunately didn't solve everything. It must have another issue. Thank you anyway ;) – João Nunes Nov 1 '11 at 0:26

Please refresh the listview after appeding or removing. Unless you do refresh nothing can be seen.

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I'm appending like this..Its working for appending.. It may be helpful for you or others :)

          $.each(data.values, function(key, value) {

          $('#activity_contacts').append('<li id="activity_contacts" data-id="' + value.contact_id + '">' + value.display_name + '</li>');


My entire autocomplete is like this:

    function contactSearchForActivities (q) {
    $.mobile.showPageLoadingMsg( 'Searching' );
    $().crmAPI ('Contact','get',
      {'version' :'3', 'activity_sort_name': q, 'return' : 'display_name' },
        ajaxURL: crmajaxURL,
        success:function (data){
          if (data.count == 0) {
            cmd = null;
          else {
            cmd = "refresh";

          //loop to go through the values in order to display them in a li as a list

          $.each(data.values, function(key, value) {

          $('#activity_contacts').append('<li id="' + value.contact_id + '" title = "' + value.display_name +'">' + value.display_name + '</li>');


   $("#activity_contacts li").click(function() {


          $.mobile.hidePageLoadingMsg( );
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If you're trying to recreate a listview then you'll need to .trigger(create) and .listview(refresh) the list. The issue is explained at http://liljosh.com/jquery-mobile-dynamicly-appending-to-listview-via-ajax-issue/

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Hi Josh! Please take a moment to read over Stack Overflow policies regarding self promotion. In addition, there are many posts talking about the same issue on meta. Here is one of them - meta.stackexchange.com/questions/57497/… – Lix Mar 9 '14 at 16:10
From what I can see in your profile, you've been self-promoting quite a lot. – Lix Mar 9 '14 at 16:11

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