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InitialContext ctx = new InitialContext();
StatelessInterogareRemote beanStatelessRemote = (StatelessInterogareRemote) ctx
StatefulShopCartLocal beanStateful = (StatefulShopCartLocal) ctx

When I run the application, the error appears after the second lookup:

[[[ Error ]]]: Lookup failed for 'java:global/ShopEAP/ShopEJB/StatelessInterogare' in SerialContext 
INFO: [Ljava.lang.StackTraceElement;@89708c
WARNING: "IOP00100006: (BAD_PARAM) Class com.sun.ejb.containers.EJBLocalObjectInvocationHandlerDelegate is not Serializable"
org.omg.CORBA.BAD_PARAM:   vmcid: OMG  minor code: 6 completed: Maybe
    at com.sun.corba.ee.impl.logging.OMGSystemException.notSerializable(OMGSystemException.java:990)
    at com.sun.corba.ee.impl.logging.OMGSystemException.notSerializable(OMGSystemException.java:1005)
    at com.sun.corba.ee.impl.orbutil.ORBUtility.throwNotSerializableForCorba(ORBUtility.java:753)
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Well, it looks like either:

  1. The class implementing StatelessInterogareRemote is not serializable or
  2. Some method in the interface StatelessInterogareRemote has (recursively) a parameter or a return type which is not serializable

Just to be clear: a serializable object is one that implements the Serializable interface; and by recursively I mean to say that the object, its attributes, its attributes' attributes and so on - all they must be serializable, too.

Since you're indicating that the EJB is stateless, it should be clear that it must not have attributes, but just in case: all the attributes in the EJB must also be serializable, or transient in case they can't be serialized.

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Seems that the serialization is the problem. There is a Statefull bean witn 2 attributes: private transient HashMap<Integer, Integer> qty; si private ArrayList<ProdusDTO> products; The class implements Serializable, but still not working. – Emanuel Nov 1 '11 at 8:04
Check if ProdusDTO is Serializable, and if its attributes are Serializable, and so on – Óscar López Nov 1 '11 at 13:28
@Oscar: WHy does the class implementing StatelessInterogareRemote a.k.a the EJB bean need to be serializable? – Victor Jul 18 '13 at 14:13
@Victor Objects in an EJB should be serializable in order to support session replication across several nodes in a cluster, as part of a high-availability strategy – Óscar López Jul 18 '13 at 14:28
Yes..that goes for the method args and return types...but hte bean itself need not be serializable i think – Victor Jul 18 '13 at 16:11

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