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Looking for a Linux application (or Firefox extension) that will allow me to scrape an HTML mockup and keep the page's integrity. Firefox does an almost perfect job but doesn't grab images referenced in the CSS.

The Scrabbook extension for Firefox gets everything, but flattens the directory structure.

I wouldn't terribly mind if all folders became children of the index page.

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See Website Mirroring With wget

wget --mirror –w 2 –p --HTML-extension –-convert-links
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Have you tried wget?

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wget -r does what you want, and if not, there are plenty of flags to configure it. See man wget.

Another option is curl, which is even more powerful. See

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Teleport Pro is great for this sort of thing. You can point it at complete websites and it will download a copy locally maintaining directory structure, and replacing absolute links with relative ones as necessary. You can also specify whether you want content from other third-party websites linked to from the original site.

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