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I want to store logging context information in TLS so that I can set a value at the entry point, and have that value available in all resulting stacks. This work well, but I also using TPL and the ThreadPool. The problem then becomes how to migrate TLS data to the other threads. I can do it all myself, but then I lose nice methods like Parallel.For.

Is there some way to have TLS copied when using TPL? This will also apply to C# when it gets the await feature.

Thanks, Erick

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Typically, this is handled via using an overload of Parallel.For that already provides for thread local data.

This overload allows you to provide an initialization and a finalization delegate, which effectively becomes an initialization per thread for your thread local data, and a reduction function at the end to "merge" the results together (which is run once per thread). I wrote about this in detail here.

The basic form is to do something like:

object sync = new object();
double result = 0;

Parallel.For(0, collection.Count, 
    // Initialize thread local data:
    () => new MyThreadSpecificData(),
    // Process each item
    (i, pls, currentThreadLocalData) => 
        // Generate a NEW version of your local state data
        MyThreadSpecificData newResults = ProcessItem(collection, i, currentThreadLocalData);
        return newResults;
    // Aggregate results
    threadLocalData =>
       // This requires synchronization, as it happens once per thread, 
       // but potentially simultaneously
          result += threadLocalData.Results;
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Thanks Reed - this does what I wanted, however I found a different way to tackle the problem. Nonetheless, this is excellent stuff that I will be using soon. –  Erick T Nov 3 '11 at 21:38
I wonder why they included such an ugly overload? At that rate it would be cleaner just to initialize thread-local data and deinitialize it in your main delegate. Unless they have perf-optimized it..? –  Tim Lovell-Smith Dec 13 '12 at 2:03
@TimLovell-Smith The thread local data is reused across multiple delegate calls, so it can't be initialized/finalized inside a single delegate. (That's the point ;) ) –  Reed Copsey Dec 13 '12 at 19:23

I found another solution to the problem that doesn't require code. I was able to use CallContext to attach data to a "logical thread". This data is transferred from the starting thread to threads generated by TPL as well as the ThreadPool.


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Just FYI - This mechanism is much, much slower than using TLS, as it's serializing the data through each context call... –  Reed Copsey Nov 3 '11 at 22:21

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