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I'm trying to work with the webcam on my Macbook Air via JMF, but jmfinit can't seem to find it. I get the following output:

Looking for Audio capturer
Finished detecting javasound capturer
Looking for video capture devices
Capture device detection failed!

Any thoughts on what I can do to allow JMF to find the webcam?

Using jmfregistry, I click "Detect Capture Devices", but it only has the "JavaSound audio capture" device listed (which was there before the detect, because jmfinit added it to the registry already).

EDIT: Best guess is that, since JMF hasn't been updated in ~4 years, it simply doesn't work on OS X Lion. My solution was to switch to using LTI-Civil

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Try running the MediaPlayer that comes with JMF. If it can get Webcam input, then the source code will show you.

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I downloaded the cross-platform Java version, and I can't find a runnable MediaPlayer. There is a mediaplayer.jar in lib, but doesn't appear to have a main class. Where would this MediaPlayer be? –  Aaron Dufour Nov 1 '11 at 1:33

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