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I'd like to show an animated GIF as the tab image on a TabPage.

If I add my image to an ImageList and use the TabPage.ImageIndex property, it only shows the first frame (and doesn't animate):

ImageList imageList = new ImageList();

tabControl.ImageList = imageList;
tabPage.ImageIndex = 0;

A few forums on the net also suggest ImageList doesn't support animated GIFs.

Is there an easy way to display an animated GIF as an image on a TabPage? Do I have to owner-draw and animate the image?

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I recommend (for a free solution) using a background worker that updates the icon programatically in a loop (and checks weather to stop or go on). It's a bit complex but I think you get the idea right? =P

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Devexpress has a ImageCollection which is very similar and it supports GIF's.

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