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I am trying to make a callback possible after an animation is complete.

pieceimg.animate({path:path}, {duration:2000*path.length,  //120
                               complete:function() {
                                                     if (finalcallback)                

path is a simple javascript "class" which has some prototype functions defined correspondingly.

When does the complete call happen here? Is is at the end of every step (but then step is supposed to called too)?

I have some animation in the finalcallback() function. It gets triggered before this animation is complete. Need help!!


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You might be having problems because your animation isn't animating a css property.

Take a look at this example that I used in my presentation at the 2011 jQuery Conference in Boston.

Animate is pretty picky / tied into CSS properties so you need to set some fake property to 0, so that it detects it as "animatable".

In your example, only one "frame" of the animation ever plays because it doesn't detect the path property as something it can animate.

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Quick question: I am changing the css position inside the 'step' function. Would jQuery still have the problem of detecting it as animatable? – Navneet Nov 1 '11 at 5:44
Its the {prop: path} part of it that I think might be causing you issues... try prop: 1 You might want to try making an example of this code (not) working on – gnarf Nov 2 '11 at 1:00

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