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Reading syslog rfc

6.3.3. SD-PARAM

   Each SD-PARAM consists of a name, referred to as PARAM-NAME, and a
   value, referred to as PARAM-VALUE.

Can param-value contain spaces? or it has to be a one-word name?

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Reading the rest of that section:

To support international characters, the PARAM-VALUE field MUST be encoded using UTF-8. A syslog application MAY issue any valid UTF-8 sequence. A syslog application MUST accept any valid UTF-8 sequence in the "shortest form". It MUST NOT fail if control characters are present in PARAM-VALUE. The syslog application MAY modify messages containing control characters (e.g., by changing an octet with value 0 (USASCII NUL) to the four characters "#000"). For the reasons outlined in UNICODE TR36 [UNICODE-TR36], section 3.1, an originator MUST encode messages in the "shortest form" and a collector or relay MUST NOT interpret messages in the "non-shortest form".

Inside PARAM-VALUE, the characters '"' (ABNF %d34), '\' (ABNF %d92), and ']' (ABNF %d93) MUST be escaped. This is necessary to avoid parsing errors. Escaping ']' would not strictly be necessary but is REQUIRED by this specification to avoid syslog application implementation errors. Each of these three characters MUST be escaped as '\"', '\\', and '\]' respectively. The backslash is used for control character escaping for consistency with its use for escaping in other parts of the syslog message as well as in traditional syslog.

A backslash ('\') followed by none of the three described characters is considered an invalid escape sequence. In this case, the backslash MUST be treated as a regular backslash and the following character as a regular character. Thus, the invalid sequence MUST not be altered.

A space character can certainly be part of a "valid UTF-8 sequence". The second quoted paragraph mentions three characters that must be escaped; the space character isn't one of them.

Conclusion: the PARAM-VALUE field can contain blanks.

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