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I am looking for a free API for generating linear barcodes in iPhone. I had found one zxing library for generating barcodes but it generates only QR code. Please suggest me a library for generating linear bar codes. Thanks.

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I found this project easy to learn.


For a quick demonstration
There are several other barcode types this project renders, just make sure to import the header for your specific need.

Add the files from the Cocoa-Touch-Barcodes project into your Xcode project.

In the class you will use to help display the barcode

#import "UIImage-NKDBarcode.h"
#import "NKDEAN13Barcode.h"

-(void)showBarcode {
     NKDBarcode * nkdbarcode = [[NKDEAN13Barcode alloc] initWithContent:@"1234567890123"];
     UIImage * image = [UIImage imageFromBarcode:nkdbarcode];
     // assume barcodeIV is an outlet to an imageview
     [barcodeIV setImage:image];
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@anshul I added some code to help you get started –  Jesse Black Nov 2 '11 at 6:27
ya, got it. Thanks Maudicus. One last question: what if I want to display the barcode number (like 1234567890123 here) beneath the barcode. Will I need to uncomment something? Can you please provide me the required code? –  anshul Nov 2 '11 at 7:36
The Cocoa-Touch-Barcodes documentation states that feature is not supported. Just place a label below your image and set the text dynamically –  Jesse Black Nov 2 '11 at 16:42

Just use any of the commonly-available barcode fonts. Google for them, and use them like any other typeface.

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