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I have an application which has a set of collections, which contain externally configurable values.


Currencies, TimeZones, Countries, States.

Typically, these values are displayed to a user in drop-down boxes, and are loaded from an external service, grouped by the above categories.

Is there a noun that effectively describes this 'collection of configuration value collections'?


interface xxxxRepository
     List<String> getXXXXX(String category);

What are the effective names that clearly describe this concept?

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Would "System Properties" sound generic enough ? or "MetaDataService" sound self explanatory / logical ?

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Metadata might be a possibility, but at the same time, metadata is so generic (and often times misused,) that it's nearly meaningless. –  spaaarky21 Nov 1 '11 at 6:48

"System properties" is pretty common for application-wide configuration values but I would use that more for simple foo="bar" key/value pairs, like a database connection string for example.

It kind of seems like your example (currencies, countries, states) goes beyond what I would consider basic "configuration." In a sense, you are defining possible enumeration values in a data-driven manner. Maybe EnumerationRepository or EnumerationValueRepository would be appropriate?

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Basically what you need is a metadatarepository and a way to group elements by classifying them as clasifications and classification items




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In Ada it would be roughly analogous to package elaboration for generic packages... while it's not an intuitive answer, it does convey the meaning you want if you allow "package" to refer to your software[-package].

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