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I call facebook api interface, after landing in obtaining accessToken, the facebook api interface returns accessToken format (format is: accessToken = XXXXXXXXXXX) and the official site description of the format (format is: accessToken = XXXXXXXXXXXX|YYYYYYYYYYY) is not the same, What is the recent facebook interface has changed, or my application for registration has expired? Please Help !!!Thank you very much.

1.the url is : https://graph.facebook.com/oauth/access_token?client_id=134058973363924&redirect_uri=

2.But the facebook api return access token format is: access_token=AAADKf6X8LHYBAEZCa1sDqK40KZBTEQmDU0bOmJaq0AIwGJVImtkMWrYCrq8568mMpShFI44KObs6MxYNISvQQZB7HObbywtFOMRNL1mrgZDZD

I expect an access token format like: access_token=116122545078207|2.1vGZASUSFMHeMVgQ_9P60Q__.3600.1272535200-500880518|QXlU1XfJR1mMagHLPtaMjJzFZp4

But return access token format is: access_token=AAADKf6X8LHYBAEZCa1sDqK40KZBTEQmDU0bOmJaq0AIwGJVImtkMWrYCrq8568mMpShFI44KObs6MxYNISvQQZB7HObbywtFOMRNL1mrgZDZD

please tell me why?

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Why did you ask this question again? –  leppie Nov 1 '11 at 6:19
I'm sorry, can you share the question's answer to me? –  丁华峰 Nov 1 '11 at 6:45
The access token format has been changed to a encrypted one now after the oauth2.0 enabled for applications.. So the access token is coming in this way.. Refer the latest documents on this and make the necessary changes. developers.facebook.com/docs/oauth2-https-migration –  Vijay Nov 1 '11 at 6:47
Thank you very much! I'm going now!:) –  丁华峰 Nov 1 '11 at 7:02
This shouldn't affect any applications except those which were using XMPP login, the docs for the chat API explain how to use the new access tokens with XMPP login –  Igy Nov 1 '11 at 7:55

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We can create two type of accesstoken in FB. If you go with GUI you have to select the app and give permission to that. Then click generate accesstoken. You will get 2 hours validity accesstoken. In another way you can able to get 60 days token. To generate 60 days Accesstoken you have to follow the below steps:


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