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I want to develop an web application which i have Developed in c# previously.
Now I want to make the same banking application online. So please suggest me the process or Framework i should use to fulfill above.
I am new in web development but i have knowledge of JavaScript, PHP, CSS, HTML and more required for design and coding.

But i don't know how to use this knowledge please help me. Up-till now i have created UI for the project but i don't know where the code should reside how to call them etc.

Help will be Appreciated.

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You're creating a banking application and don't know how to use your knowledge? – alex Nov 1 '11 at 7:05
its a small community banking so we used it as desktop apllication.. – lAH2iV Nov 1 '11 at 7:06
You're basically asking - Teach me web development. You'll have to pick up a book or something and read it through to get an understanding of how things flow, and how PHP,HTML,CSS,JS,MySQL etc come together in a website. – xbonez Nov 1 '11 at 7:08
Since you're already comfortable with C#, have you considered ASP.NET? – ddrace Nov 1 '11 at 7:10
@lAH2iV: Something like this:…. This would be good for the back-end coding. You might need another book for front end designing (HTML, CSS) – xbonez Nov 1 '11 at 7:19

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If you've already developed this in C# you can keep with C#. You can create C# web applications. I do believe, in fact, that this site is built using C#. :-)

If you want to learn another web language or technologies, there are plenty of tutorials, books, videos, and classes out there to help you.

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Search around the web about developing web applications in .net. there should be plenty of articles covering that area. But basicly, i would say you should go for a Form based Web Application. That way you can make most use of the c# skills you already have. Read about that and the css html and javascript skills should give you a nice application. The deployment using IIS servers etc, you might need some help with if you dont have any experience with that. Maybe a nice article on the web could guide you through that as well.

Hope this helps!

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Lookat sencha website,It has many products aimed on fast building web app, and you don't need to learn a lot about CSS,HTML,JS.

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I would recommend you to try using Python(Django)or PHP(but I prefer the first one) on the server side + ExtJS for the UI(with ExtJS you can easily create great UIs).. But I don't really think that it's a good decision for business. For getting started - it's great but for business projects - I'm not sure..

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As you already developed you application in C# then its better to use ASP.Net, so you can use your C# code as well, and if you don't have much knowledge in its really very easy to learn also, for that you have to go through some good books and some sites like etc

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If you are already familiar with desktop development, you should take a look at Agile Toolkit, which is a web-based framework inspired by desktop development.

It is very helpful when you need a to produce a lot of inexpensive UI specifically for data management.

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