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from the apple documents, these are three type app can running at the background. 2.location 3.voip

so I apply my app as a voip, and I have a socket on to listen others to connect(as a server). So my app can running in the background and recv data from others connect? If can, so we can develop a application to download file in the background?

I don't know is it right by this way? Any one know this?

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If your app doesn't actually offer VoIP services, it is very likely that Apple will reject it. – Ole Begemann Nov 1 '11 at 10:19

Yes, please refer to here

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Yes, you can enable the VoIP background mode to allow your app to run in the background. But, if your app does not actually provide a VoIP function, then Apple will almost certainly reject the app. You can use this mode as a means to do ad hoc testing, if that helps, but it won't fly on the App Store.

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