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I have a drop down and each of the drop down values are links. On click i populate a div with the results. Before the div is populated i show a rotating spinner to give a feel to user that result will be updated. In order to show the spinner i have a hidden div whose backgroud image is spinner and i hide and show it as seen in timeline.js.erb file mentioned below. However the first time i select any value of drop down and click on it the spinner is not loaded ( ie ajax:beforeSend ("#spinnerTimeLineDiv3").show(); does not work ) however on subsequent clicks of any value i get the desired result.

Anyone could suggest what cud be the issue??

Note : I am doing clearInnerHTML but the div in which spinner is present is not part div3 which i am clearing.

<%= link_to "You", {:controller=>"messages", :action => "timeline",:channelToViewTimeline =>"xyz", :nameofchanneltoviewtimeline =>"name"},{:remote => true} %>

The above link calls the below js which accordingly renders the partial mentioned in js through jquery


  .bind('ajax:beforeSend', function(evt, data, status, xhr){
  .bind('ajax:loading', function(evt, data, status, xhr){
= 'All'
  .bind('ajax:success', function(evt, data, status, xhr){
     $("#div3").html("<%= escape_javascript render '/test/timeline'

I am using jruby 1.6.0 rails 3.0 ruby 1.8.7

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NOT an answer to be exact, but might be worth a shot. Theres a nice jquery plugin to show spinner. It shall look essentially what you are trying to do with 'spinnerTimeLineDiv3' div, but using that you can get rid of unwanted hidden divs just for the sake of displaying spinner during ajax call. You can watch a 1-second ajax simulated demo & download the plugin at contextllc.com/tools/jQuery-showLoading. Using it is as simple as doing $('#my-div').showLoading() just before doing ajax request & $('#my-div').hideLoading() after ajax completes. Sorry, if this turns out to be of no help. – prasvin Nov 1 '11 at 10:41
is your problem solved ? its a useful plugin to try out. – Abhaya Nov 2 '11 at 4:56

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