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I have a html table with the following structure:

        <tr><th>ABC Ltd.</th><tr>
            ... 500 more rows ...

I have to make sure that ABC Ltd. and Name appear on each page. How do I do that?

I tried using:

@media print
    thead { display:table-header-group }
    tfoot { display:table-footer-group }
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The example code above should work in Internet Explorer and Firefox. For Chrome and Safari, see my solution here. I've yet to find a solution that works in Opera. –  DoctorDestructo Sep 10 at 22:04

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There's probably a better answer out there.

But, when I've needed to print something different from what is being display (removing sections of the site, or not paging data), I've used this method:

  1. Have a "print" button/link.
  2. When clicked, it generates an iFrame with exactly what you want to print.
  3. Print the iframe (still via javascript)
  4. Remove the iframe

Worked like a charm.

You can use that to create printing pages, breaking up the table into a table on each page. The first row on each one can be your headers.

Printing so much stuff seems like a waste of paper though :-/

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