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I am using jquery post method for executing a server side action

the method is :

 function redirectToDraft() {


it will post to this action and then in the action i need to redirect to another action on the other controller like this :

 public ActionResult AgendaApproveDocument(int? id){

     return RedirectToAction("RelatedDocumentDraft",  new RouteValueDictionary(
                    controller = "RegisterLetter",
                    action = "RelatedDocumentDraft",
                    title = relatedDoc.Name,
                    factory = relatedDoc.DocumentFactory,
                    activityId = action.WorkItem.Id


it works and redirect to the method:

 public ActionResult RelatedDocumentDraft(int?activityId, string factory, string title)
    return View("~/Views/RegisterLetter/NewDraft.aspx");

my problem is that it doesnt return to the view "NewDraft"

is there any thing wrong?

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Have you tried debugging to see if you view can actually be found at that location? –  Rob Nov 1 '11 at 8:42
So what page has it been re-directed? Or what response you get? –  Lamps Nov 1 '11 at 9:06

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In your AJAX call you haven't subscribed to the success callback, so nothing will happen. If you wanted to handle the results of an AJAX call, that's what you should do:

$.post('/Personnel/AgendaApproveDocument', function(result) {
    // the result variable here will contain the markup of the view    
    // so you could for example replace some portion of the DOM with it
    // (assuming of course it is a partial view):

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I think you're looking for the RedirectToAction method. Check this answer from John Sheehan.

return RedirectToAction("Index", model);

Additional information on MSDN.

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if u read my post completely u would see that my problem is that the method which i redirect to wont return the view –  Adrakadabra Nov 1 '11 at 8:36

You're doing an AJAX post to this method - it won't do anything with the response unless you tell it to. Why the AJAX, would a simple form submit work better?

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