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C++ union in C#

#define AVEC3(T)    union { T v3[3]; struct { T x,y,z; }; }
#define AMAT3x3(T)  union { \
                    T v9[9], m3x3[3][3]; \
                    struct { T v3x[3], v3y[3], v3z[3]; }; \
                    struct { AVec3<T> vecx, vecy, vecz; }; \
                    struct { AVec3<T> right, up, back; }; \
                    struct { T xx, xy, xz, yx, yy, yz, zx, zy, zz; }; \

I have no idea how to convert the code from above(c++) into c# version. Assume T is double type.

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C# doesn't have a similar notion to union, but there is a trick to obtain the same functionality see more here where the FieldOffset attribute is used: C# equivalent to C "union"? from MSDN

From the MSDN post (simplified a bit):

using System.Runtime.InteropServices;
struct ByteArray {
  public byte Byte1;
  public int Int1;
  public int Int2;
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I have go through it but it doesn't show the example for array inside a struct. –  user976385 Nov 1 '11 at 9:13

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