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I am developing a small desktop application in Java using NetBeans. Since i am new to java so i mostly drag and drop controls and work with them. What i have in my application is JFrame, on that JFrame i place one JScrollPane where i am displaying some textual information.

Now i added an other JScrollPane below the above and want to draw some rounded rectangle and then connecting those rectangles with the dotted lines. I also want to put little text in each rectangle.

I need guidance from where do i start to achieve the above task? Some links to good tutorials will also be helpful

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Have a start here. –  Howard Nov 1 '11 at 9:00

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First you should forget immediately and forever about existence of drag-and-drop visual tools that generate UI in java. These tools generate code that cannot be changed. You have to be an expert in java UI to make even minor changes in such code.

Second, google "java ui programming". This is what I did for you. Here are some links I can recommend.




It takes a couple of hours to get into the terms and the concepts. Then you can start designing and coding. Good luck.

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It's not necessarily true that the generated code can't be changed. WindowBuilder, now free and integrated with Eclipse, is able to parse hand-written code as well as WB-generated-but-modified code. Still, you won't get the experience of writing layout code. –  WChargin Nov 24 '12 at 4:19

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