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I want to publish existing git repository on github. I find it unnecessary to provide personal data within git commit logs (name, email). Nevertheless, I want to store history of changes.

How do I strip/replace personal information from existing fully accessible git repository?

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“[…] from existing fully accessible git repository” – it it’s already fully accessible, then the chance is pretty high that someone already got your personal information. – poke Nov 1 '11 at 16:40
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You should use git filter-branch. For script example check this answer How do I change the author of a commit in git?.

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To remove personal details in log messages, you can use git filter-branch with the --msg-filter flag.

--msg-filter <command>
       This is the filter for rewriting the commit messages. The argument
       is evaluated in the shell with the original commit message on
       standard input; its standard output is used as the new commit

PS: The email address that you have in your public profile in Github ( ) is only revealed to people visiting your profile. The email address that you use in your commits ( ) which and used to identify your commits is not revealed to public

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