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I have the following mapping in fluent nHibernate:

public CustomFieldsMap()

    Id(x => x.Id, m => m.Column("id"));
    DynamicComponent(x => x.Fields, c =>
        ...insert code here...  

This works fine (with the real code in obviously).

What I cannot work out is what the equivalent is (if there is one yet) in the mapping by code feature introduced in nHibernate 3.2?

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You have to provide dynamic component template.

Component(x => x.Fields, new
    IntField = 0,
    RelationField = default(Related)
}, dc =>
    // dynamic component members mappings
    dc.Property(x => x.IntField);
    dc.ManyToOne(x => x.RelationField);
    // etc.

See this article for examples and explainations.

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Can you not use RegisterDynamicComponentMapping?

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