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This is my ipconfig details under command propmt .

 IPv4 Address. . . . . . . . . . . :
 Subnet Mask . . . . . . . . . . . :
 Default Gateway . . . . . . . . . :

I want to supply my wsdl file to online WSDL Validator sites

So instead of using the below .


I am using this

My Tomcat server is is running and i can see the wsdl file locally and i have turned off the windows firewall also .

But when i submited my wsdl to a online wsdl validator it is throwing me an But still i am getting error

WSDL Validation Errors FoundWe were unable to successfully validate the WSDL file at 
We encountered the following errors:

WSDLException: faultCode=WSDL Retrieval error: Could not obtain data from connection
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You should read a little more about private/public IP addresses and address your question on as it is not programming related. – Darin Dimitrov Nov 1 '11 at 9:21

The online validator uses the url you provide for fetching the WSDL file for validation. But is your computer only on your network (that is among computers connected to the same router). For the server that is validating, that IP address points to a completely different computer (or the address could be invalid for it) because it's probably connected to a different router.

If your computer is directly connected to the internet, you can expose your web server and provide that IP address. But I think this is unlikely. You probably have a router in between your computer and the internet. You can setup port-forwarding in your router and then use your router's external IP address to do this. That means, you can make any incoming requests to a certain port get automatically routed to your IP address. Google "port-forwarding" if you want to learn more about it.

But I believe that's too much effort if you just want to validate your WSDL file. You can just use offline validators if you prefer. Below are links to two validators but you can find so many if you just use google.

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