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I need the exact duration of LENGTH_LONG and LENGTH_SHORT in milliseconds (ms). Also I need to know if the duration of Toast message with LENGTH_LONG will have the same duration in any phone and with any API version.

Does someone know where is the duration defined ?, I mean defined in ms . I know that LENGTH_LONG is some int const with value 1. But I could not find where is the actual duration defined.

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did you tried to just specify milliseocnds in setDuration()? Docs say it shall be user configurable, but are not specific on this issue – Konstantin Pribluda Nov 1 '11 at 10:40
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Answered here. Like you mentioned Toast.LENGTH_SHORT and Toast.LENGTH_LONG are not in ms but 0 or 1.

The actual durations are:

private static final int LONG_DELAY = 3500; // 3.5 seconds
private static final int SHORT_DELAY = 2000; // 2 seconds
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Here the official android source where these flags are defined:

public class NotificationManagerService extends SystemService {

    static final int LONG_DELAY = 3500; // 3.5 seconds
    static final int SHORT_DELAY = 2000; // 2 seconds

    private void scheduleTimeoutLocked(ToastRecord r){
        Message m = Message.obtain(mHandler, MESSAGE_TIMEOUT, r);
        long delay = r.duration == Toast.LENGTH_LONG ? LONG_DELAY : SHORT_DELAY;
        mHandler.sendMessageDelayed(m, delay);
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Through trial and error I have found Toast.LENGTH_LONG lasts very close to 2500ms

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