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I am using JsTestDriver for unit tests in JS. One section of my code uses a confirm box to allow users to confirm or cancel a decision.

How to I test both the confirm and cancel selections of this confirm box automatically within the scope of JsTestDriver

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You probably can't. confirm boxes are not in the DOM AND block javascript. They are also horrible design. You should probably use a modal popup instead –  Raynos Nov 1 '11 at 10:46

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You can override window.confirm in your test prior to triggering the prompt

window.confirm = function(msg) {
    // This will get executed instead of showing a browser prompt message
    return true;
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Ok, the way I handled this was to use Jack.js mocking library to mock the confirm function returning both True and False in turn.

    .exactly('1 time')
    .mock(function(strMessage) {
        return true;
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