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I have these two statements in my init


Using the parse_request filter, I can see that my rule is being matched and used.

However, Wordpress is forwarding the page, so all my /vars/at/the/end are lost when the page renders.

When I output something from the query_var filter, I get a Headers already sent message, so I know that wordpress is trying to forward the page.


If you put something at the end like: http://1parkplace.mysharedvision.com/dev/listings/travis-heights-test/what-is-this/

You'll see what I mean.

Any ideas?

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The first link return another statement: "listings/([^/]+)(/[0-9]+)?/?$" –  samura Nov 1 '11 at 10:57
Yeah, that is matching the wordpress build in regex. But when I add stuff to the end, it matches my regex, but the tries to forward the page –  Senica Gonzalez Nov 1 '11 at 11:06

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Figured it out


My custom post type was cirrus_posts so I just looked at wordpress' <?php var_dump($wp_rewrite->wp_rewrite_rules()); ?>

To see what it was doing and that let me to the right thing

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