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consider this code:

class TestClass {
  function __construct() {
  function error_handler($errno,$errstr,$errfile,$errline,$errcontext) {
    trigger_error("\ncode: [$errno]\nfile: [$errfile -> $errline]\nSTR: [$errstr]",E_USER_ERROR);

//notice was thrown above but script carry on
//but here error handler is registered and...
$anInstance = new TestClass();
// rest of the code is affected by it
count($nonExistentVariable); // user error is thrown

So is there a way to make the error_handler function to fire only when error is encountered inside an instance and do not mess globally with other code ?

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You could check the call stack in your error handler (via debug_backtrace()) and determine if it's coming from within the class you're interested in. If it's not coming from the class be sure to return FALSE and PHP will fall back on it's default handler.


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