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I am using XQuery in my JAVA project for managing [like select/update/delete] XML files. To run the xqueir's im using XQILLA in Linux.

Here i got a problem in executing the update/delete queries through xqilla.

The query is: insert nodes into doc("contact.xml")//Directory/Contacts/Contact[@id = 16311]

I have placed the above query in "test1" file and ran with the following commnad:
xqilla -u test1

and i got an error like: error: syntax error, unexpected nodes, expecting [err:XPST0003]

can anybody tell me how to run the xquery update/delete queries through XQILLA in Linux environment.

Is any settings needed in XQilla for executing XQUERY update/delete queries from commandline.

It's an urgent & need the solution for it.

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Your query syntax is wrong. What nodes do you want to insert? I guess you only noted where to insert them, not what.

Try something like

insert node <your>XML</<your> into doc("contact.xml")//Directory/Contacts/Contact[@id = 16311]

Have a look at some documentation on XQuery Update (or XQilla's).

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