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Looking through my php error logs I frequently see an entry for a ORA-01858 error associated with a particular stored procedure. From what I can tell searching about this error code, it's always the result of passing bad input to the TO_CHAR() function. Problem is, the stored procedure in question only has a single TO_CHAR() function and the value I'm passing is actually hard coded. (It's the second parameter of a NVL(). Here's the code:


With that being the only use of TO_DATE() in this procedure, why would I be getting a ORA-01858 error? Is there some other scenario where I can generate such an error? Part of the problem is that this only happens sometimes. In general the program that uses this stored procedure works fine and the only reason I even know about this is by checking the error log.

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Which version of the database are you using? I presume PENDING_CLOSE_DT has a datatype of DATE. Does your error log given you any additional information, such as line numbers or context? For instance, whether the error only occurs when PENDING_CLOSE_DT is null. –  APC Nov 1 '11 at 12:16
If the only reason you know that an error has occurrec is from looking in the log file, that is, nothing else fails if this sub-routine fails, then clearly you don't need it. So just rip it out. –  APC Nov 1 '11 at 12:16
Do you have any implicit date conversions, something like PENDING_CLOSE_DT = '2000-01-01' without a TO_DATE() and format mask, which don't match your NLS_DATE_FORMAT? –  Alex Poole Nov 1 '11 at 12:19

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since there is nothing wrong with your to_date() line, could it be that you have a to_char() function somewhere that might give the error?

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