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I just want to get started and I haven't found any tutorials that match my purposes. There are a few tutorials out there but I'm not sure if they are relevant.

This is one that is uses Netbeans, Hibernate and MySQL I believe: Link

But I have no idea what parts of that tutorial that will be necessary for my project. The thing I want to create is a Community similar to facebook, for educational purposes.

Is there a general way to make this type of project? I've created a project as they did in that tutorial, but I don't understand what I will be needing after that. The application is supposed to be layered nicely, MVC says the instruction for the assignment.

(Later on, when stuff is working, i'm going to divide the application on three servers, who communicate with webservices, or something like that. I'm not going to try and understand how to do that now though.)

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It's not clear to me what you want... do you want a walkthru about creating a web project ? or how to implement one ? – Cristiano Fontes Nov 1 '11 at 13:13

The point of the tutorials, any tutorials, are to teach you how to use the technology. How you choose to use that technology is up to you and no tutorial can really teach you that. I would say it was a bit of a non starter trying to learn everything at one point.

Hibernate is a tecnology to isolate you from the specifics of a database, so you wouldn't really learn mysql and hibernate as such, as the database is less important because you are accessing it in an independant way. However, you would still need to know SQL, just not dialects of it.

MVC is a way of layering your data and control, again this is independant of the technology as it is a concept. A tutorial on MVC in java / hibernate / jsf would teach you how to impliment MVC in those tecnologies, but you still need to know what MVC is to know the relevance or how to apply it.

Before you decide on the tecnology or how many servers you need or whether you connect with webservices or sockets or whatever, you need to design your application which needs no techhology at all (apart from a pen maybe), look at how it connects and how it will work, and then find out how to make the techology do it.

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Never mind then.. – Erik L Nov 3 '11 at 10:20

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