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I'm using JCarousel plugin to display dinamically added images:

var car = $("#image-carousel").data('jcarousel');
car.add(0, html);

First parameter of add method asks for a position. I've tried to give incremental positions in order to select the exact sequence of images, but add() adds the image without any order.

The question is, how may I add secuential images to jcarousel? Or alternativelly, it's possible to sort images programmatically?

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At the end, I haven't found any solution using JCarousel. Instead I've sorted the inner LI items:

function _sortCarousel(a,b) {
    return $(a).find("input").val() > $(b).find("input").val() ? 1 : -1;

$("#image-carousel li").sort(_sortCarousel).appendTo("#image-carousel");

Of course, code inside *_sortCarousel* should be changed to reflect the sorting rules you need.

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