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I have made a game in flash cs3 which uses embedded videos as background. Currently it contains 2 videos for 2 levels. The videos are encoded in flash while embedding using "onvp6 and data rate of 1024 kbps (graphic guy did this cuz anything less is blurry)". Now this is going to be a standalone desktop game so file size is no issue. Video 1 has 1500 frames and Video 2 has 850 frames. Currently the .fla file size is 35Mb and .swf the file size results to approx 17Mb. The video and overall game is 800x600. With embedded sounds also. This game will be distributed as .exe (.swf -> create projector .exe) at 25 fps.

Sorry that background was necessary. Now i have implemented a class to control the video

  1. frame by frame
  2. slow down
  3. speed up
  4. reverse

As these were the game's requirement. Basically whatever algo is calculated for above operation ends up as this.nextFrame() or this.prevFrame() for the video embedded in MovieClip. Now wen the game is started the video is "Stuttering" (Means lagging or choppy or Buffering-like Playback) all the time. I have checked/traced and it is not due to my algo. Now have i hit performance boundary of flash or there is some other reason for this.

Is there any preloading or hardware acceleration enabling anything to remove the stuttering? Please help.

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I do not really know what you mean by "stuttering" but is it like that only in the beginning or all the time? Have you looked at the smoothing and deblocking parameters? – Andreas Jeansson Nov 1 '11 at 13:47
1]"Stuttering" means lagging or buffering-like playback. 2]The "Stuttering" is present from beginning. 3]where do i find those smoothing and deblocking parameters in flash cs3. Thanks for reply ! – RaI-IuL Nov 1 '11 at 15:04
Those property don't apply in my case since I'm embedding the video in MovieClip and then using that MovieClip in as3 by Library->Linkage. The reason i do this because there are other sub MoviClips which are keyframed along the video and are placed inside the Video MovieClip. I'm not/cannot using flash.media.Video; – RaI-IuL Nov 2 '11 at 17:50
Well the video has to be embedded as something? Is it loaded with code or embedded in the timeline? One thing to check is your processor usage when experiencing this stuttering. That can point to whether this might be a performance issue. – Andreas Jeansson Nov 3 '11 at 10:04

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