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In my android app I receive data as json like this:

    "_playLists":[{"name":"Playlist 1",

    "items":[{"name":"Poza 1","target":"...","url":"...","url_thumb":"..."},

    {"name":"Poza 2","target":"http:\/\/audifrance.fr","url":"...","url_thumb":..."}]},

    {"name":"Playlist 2",
    "items":[{"name":"Poza 3","target":"...","url":null,"url_thumb":null}]}]}

My question is : which is the best way to save data from this response: using Shared Preferences or using a database SQlite? Is it possible using Shared Preferences to make connections between the saved data?

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If there is no security concern with data, data is complex type and data is in large amount I think SQLite is the best for it.

And if the data is small, data is premitive type and you don't want to share it with user then SharedPreference is good.

Choice is yours.. Thanks.

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Hi do you can explain the security concern with the SQLite ,Is it not safe to store data in SQLite ? I want to know do i lose my data from shared pref in any way other than uninstalling the app –  Renjith K N Jul 27 '12 at 7:08

both have different purposes .

for small sized primitive data's where you don't want to invoke any queries use shared preferences .

for large sized , complex type storage , use sqLite

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