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I'm using this code to readmy own event Log from my win7 Computer.

 EventLogQuery eventsQuery = new EventLogQuery("Security", PathType.LogName, queryString);
 eventsQuery.ReverseDirection = true;
 EventLogReader logReader = new EventLogReader(eventsQuery);

However - I need to read the EventLog for a remote computer ( Lan - Same domain)

How can I do that ?

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public void QueryRemoteComputer()
        string queryString = "*[System/Level=2]"; // XPATH Query
        SecureString pw = GetPassword();

        EventLogSession session = new EventLogSession(
            "RemoteComputerName",                               // Remote Computer
            "Domain",                                  // Domain
            "Username",                                // Username


        // Query the Application log on the remote computer.
        EventLogQuery query = new EventLogQuery("Application", PathType.LogName, queryString);
        query.Session = session;

            EventLogReader logReader = new EventLogReader(query);

            // Display event info
        catch (EventLogException e)
            Console.WriteLine("Could not query the remote computer! " + e.Message);
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