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I know how to make a shared URL show an embedded Flash video in the Facebook news-feed. The <og:video> tags are straight-forward but the examples are only for Flash-video.

I've read that you can set og:video:type to text/html for html5 embeds, but it doesn't work for me. Facebook just opens the video-player in a new window instead of inline.

I'm using the following:

<meta property="og:video" content="https://url_to_video_player_for_iframe" />
<meta property="og:video:width" content="640" />
<meta property="og:video:height" content="392" />
<meta property="og:video:type" content="text/html" />

What og:video:type do I need to get the player inline? Or is there another meta tag necessary?

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I did this once for a client you need to apply to facebook to let them allow you to put videos inline into wall streams. you provide them with details and they check you out then enable this for your domain (or don't) I think it's to stop adult content etc.

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Thanks, it looks like they no longer have an application process, but it seems you only have options to embed an swf file, an mp4 file or link to a new window. – ice cream Nov 9 '11 at 23:51
good to know, thanks for this, wonder what theyre doing now to stop adult content and copyrighted stuff now? – Alex Nov 10 '11 at 11:18

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