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What are your experiences with Node.js XMPP client libraries? What do you recommend?

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I would highly recommed node-xmpp, which is the most idiomatic library available for Node, in that each connection is an EventEmitter which emits events in a similar manner to the built in modules.

If you are coming at Node from a browser-based background, the way stanzas are constructed is identical to Strophe.js, which minimizes the learning curve.

As you venture further into XMPP territory, node-xmpp is also a great way to write components. And its architecture is clean enough that there is even an xmpp-server project being built on it.

Finally, I'm also developing Junction, which is a suite of XMPP middleware, similar in style to what Connect/Express offers for HTTP. I'm currently building out examples and additional documentation, but the source code has full API docs, and I think its a solid framework, particularly if you are incorporating various XEPs into your client/component.

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Another option is - which is under much more active development than node-xmpp or Junction. – nelsonic Jul 24 '14 at 14:04

If you are trying to build a bot for Google Talk, I would suggest using

Node-xmpp did not work for me while connecting with google's servers.

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