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I have made a horizontal scrollable menu bar by sub-classing a UIScrollView. Clicking on a menu item causes a drop menu to appear with further sub-menu options. This drop menu is yet another UIScrollView sub-class but isn't really relevant to the discussion and I only mention it for completeness.

So far so good. However if the user now slides (pan gesture) the main menu bar to the left or right, the drop menu is left orphaned on the screen. What I really want is the drop menu to go away when the pan gesture is initiated by the user.

I tried to insert my own UIPanGestureRecongnizer and trap the pan gesture but then this causes the main menu bar to not pan at all. I would ideally like to: 1) Trap the Pan gesture 2) After hiding the drop menu (which isn't a problem), forward the event to UIScrollView's own pan gesture.

I then tried to find a way of "knowing" that the menu bar was scrolling by over-riding the ScrollView delegate scrollViewWillBeginDragging but it didn't seem to raise any event, so that didn't work out either.

Would really appreciate some advice on this matter!

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I finally stumbled on to a working solution for finding a way to "know" that the slide menu is being scrolled here: Extending UIScrollView and Monitoring Scroll Events

This does the job very nicely indeed, so the original question can be considered closed.

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