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This crashed

out(A) ->
    io:format("~wqqq12", yaws_api:queryvar(A, "id"), yaws_api:parse_query(A)),

with this

Reason: {function_clause,

But it's clear that "id" is present in the get query. Why can't it parse it?


And query: *.yaws?id=F1D79543E9E6583B


sorry for misleading, but i use format for send values to browser, its intended error. I'm intersted in why second argument in format becomes "undefined".

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Ok, now i do so: proplists:lookup("id", yaws_api:parse_query(A)). And all working fine, but for what standing queryvar?? –  Yola Nov 1 '11 at 15:21

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You are calling io:format the wrong way. The correct is:

io:format(Format, ListOfParams)

Where Format is a String and ListOfParams is a list of terms to be used in your format.

Check the io:format/2 manual for more details.

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