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Is there any library/code to show a box in which user inputs images + text in any order, and then the images and text are separately available (for storing into database eg Google Picasa web album or Windows Live Skydrive storage)?

I would prefer it if this can be done in java, however I am open to using javascript or jquery for this purpose.

Basically I want to store a web page section/article that contains images and text- I want to store the images in Picasa and data in Google App Engine's datastore.

One page in my web app will pull the pictures from picasa and dynamically add those to the text extracted from data store.

There is a library called JSON Engine that simplifies storing/retrieving text using JSON on App Engine, so I can use javascript or jquery for the above task... Or I can go with java (which is the language of my web app) ...

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Like JAlbum ??? jalbum.net/en –  ManseUK Nov 1 '11 at 15:05
i updated the requirement in my question for more clarity... JAlbum is not the solution that i am looking for... –  Arvind Nov 1 '11 at 15:11

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