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i have this template: http://dpaste.com/645468/ that send data to this view: http://dpaste.com/645469/. the template display a form made by modelforms, with a custom layout. i have to validate the fields value send to view, and then redirect to the same template if the field validation fails. i've tried to do it by creating an instance of the related model, then gathering all fields one by one (checking before if they are present in request.POST) and assigning it to the model field, and then assigning that model instance to a new modelform instance. then i've prefromed a .is_valid() check, but it fails since it require the model instance pc, so that model instance need to exist on db. so how can i validate those data, and if validation fails, redirect to another template and display the errors?

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You need read this:




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thanks for your reply. anyway, since my template pass to view more fields than those that are required to populate that ModelForm, my question is: is it possible to validate a subset of fields in a request.POST? –  Luke Nov 2 '11 at 12:47
If you request.POSt have more keys than you form, all works the same, the important thing is that the form expects the fields of model or with the fields variable in class Meta, you can use exclude too –  diegueus9 Nov 2 '11 at 14:06

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