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We are looking at the Facebook C# API and have a question on how to go about posting to a persons specific pages, and/ore to a specific tab on their profile.

in the documentation, they show how to post to ("me/feed") ... but I can't find any documentation on how we would post to a specifci page owned by that user or a tab on their facebook profile. We've tried /me/, but that didn't work

could someone share how we go about posting to a specifci page or tab? thanks

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Erm, me == you. Replace that with someone else –  Brian Roach Nov 1 '11 at 15:40

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hello michel user after authenticates Your application with manage_pages permission use https://graph.facebook.com/userid/accounts?access_token=xxxx this will return pages information with page tokens use the following to post messages https://graph.facebook.com/pageid/feed?access_token=xxxx&message=xx if u want Any further information let me know

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