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This most be a very common question, but I cant find a good answer too it on google.

I have a standard tree structure,

  • Id
  • ParentId
  • Name
  • ForeignKeyId

My first attempt at a query

    return db.Tree
        .Where(t => t.ForeignKeyId == xxx && t.Parent == null).SingleOrDefault();

This will result in a N*2 select to database. Very slow for pretty small trees, time outs for big trees.

Is there any good way to speed up tree traversing with EF4.1?

edit: this one works a little better

    var eager = db.Tree.Include(t => t.Children).Where(t => t.ForeignKeyIdd == xxx).ToList();

    return eager
        .Where(t.Parent == null).SingleOrDefault();
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Try this:

return db.Tree
        .Where(t => t.ForeignKeyId == xxx && t.ParentId == null)
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