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I am saving some data in a session, and certain points in my websites, I am giving the user the option to removes certain parts of the session based on the array key, the array I get when I do,

print_r($this->session->userdata('shortlist'); this leaves me the the following output,

Array ( [0] => Array ( 
    [id] => 40 
    [name] => Namey Name 
    [location] => location is a place 
    [talent] => voice over 
    [image] => ./media/uploads/headshots/width_60_249613_10150280293315435_717615434_9570480_8341358_n.jpg ) );

How can I remove this from my shortlist session? I have tried doing the following, but to no avail,


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You can use this:


For more info:

EDIT: After comment: You can do something like this-

$shortlist = $this->session->userdata('shortlist');
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that would unset the entire shortlist entry of my session though, I only want to unset specific array within it. – Udders Nov 1 '11 at 16:01

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